About Us

Our Story

My name is Lauren and I am the creator and owner of Outback Hound and if you're reading this, know that I am just like you - a crazy, helicopter dog mom :) In 2018, we took a leap of faith and started Outback Hound --- a brand that strives to encompass everything we want in dog products to safely adventure with our pups.

We are a military family currently based in beautiful North Carolina. 


From Humble Beginnings.. 

Our journey with Outback Hound began on the Island of Guam in 2018 (where we were stationed at the time). We had just adopted our second pup from the local shelter and were introducing her to the local trails. Unfortunately, the dog gear available to us on the island at that time was not the quality we were hoping for and simply did not last. That's when it hit us. Why don't we make our own quality gear with all the desirable features needed to withstand constant use? After many months of designing, sourcing and product testing (our dogs became "guinea pigs"), we came up with our own line of quality products that were perfect for our ruff, muddy adventures.

Why shop with us?

With any small business comes a personal touch. We value our customer relationships (Some which have flourished into friendships) We love to hear your stories and how your pups have impacted your life. Outback Hound is all about being a part of the growing community of dog owners united by a passion for our dogs and the great outdoors.

You can expect to receive the same customer service you'd get from your local mom and pop store. 

Feel free to ask us about our products, sizes and materials - We are here to help and guide you through your purchase.