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Hydration and Heat Stroke: Tips on keeping your dog safe in the heat.

There is no greater feeling than getting outside and sharing adventures with your dog. We are lucky to have such resilient and willing hiking companions by our side. I reside in San Diego where there is no shortage of beautiful hikes and outings to enjoy. However, due to the heat that the summers months (and even non-summer months) can bring, my dog usually stays at home. It is not uncommon to see people on hiking trails with dogs that are clearly in distress. What most people don’t realize is unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat and do not dissipate heat the same way we do. They also can not tell us when they experiencing an onset of heat stroke. If you’re feeling the...

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National Parks Edition: A dog friendly guide to hiking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a great place to travel with your canine companion, but ensure you are prepared for the heat. I have visited the Grand Canyon with my beagle Snoopy twice, and the views never fail to take my breath away. The best months to visit are March through May, September, and October. Arizona summers are brutal if you are not a native to the hot dry desert. The Grand Canyon can be viewed from the North Rim or the South Rim, depending where you are traveling from. I recommend the South Rim, as it is more dog friendly than the North Rim. It is important to know that dogs cannot go into the canyon, and can only walk...

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Animal Shelters are Looking for People to Foster Pets Amid Coronavirus Fear

  If you’ve ever thought about fostering a pet, now is the time to do it. Animal shelters across the country have put out messages asking people to consider becoming pet fosters to prepare for any impact coronavirus may have on their ability to take care of the animals.  In an effort to avoid spreading the virus, some shelters have closed and canceled events. With no way for potential new owners to actually meet the pets, fewer are being adopted. Obviously, it’s not possible for animal shelter staff to work from home. As people get sick or self-quarantine, it’s crucial for shelters to get help. The main goal is to keep numbers low, especially for open admission shelters that can’t...

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Outback Hound's first pack hike in Canada

In February this year, the Outback Hound team set off to Canada with the intention of meeting new retailers, existing ambassadors and of course, to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  How incredibly fortunate we are to live in a world where connectivity with others is at the touch of a keypad. One of the wonderful things about starting a brand is being able to share your vision and passion with other people. The Outback Hound brand ambassadors are what we embody in our company and we were fortunate to meet up with two of them on this trip. These two individuals and their beautiful pups have been with Outback Hound since it's conception.  Jade and...

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