What countries do we ship to? We ship to dogs all around the world! Please be aware that you as a buyer are responsible for paying any customs duties, fees or taxes for the importation of goods into your country. 

How long does it take to ship? Please allow 7 business days for orders in the US, for all other international orders allow between 7-21 business days. Customs times may vary in your country. If you don't receive your order within 21 days please email us. 

Do we offer wholesale opportunities? Yes, absolutely! We cater to small MOQs. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities, please email us at bark@outbackhound  

Do we offer a warranty? Yes! Our leashes will last your doggie a lifetime when properly taken care of. Please read our terms and conditions for more information about what is covered under our limited lifetime warranty. 

What happens if my dog chews the leash? Our leashes are not chew toys. If you allow your dog to chew on the leash, the damage is not covered under our limited lifetime warranty. 

What size collar will my carabiner fit? Our aluminum carabiners are one size fits all, they are designed smaller than standard sized commercial climbing carabiners which makes them extremely versatile. For scale, they are small enough to fit a dime sized collar or harness attachment. 

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